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For Local Student


Face-to-Face home tuition

Improve academic result via 1-to-1 personalised guidance.

Stay ahead of others by taking preparatory course.


Online tuition

Take short classes while commuting, making best use of your precious time

Receive help in good time, request a lesson and start in a couple of hours, no need to wait for the next day.

For Oversea Student


Face-to-Face home tuition (during holiday)

Enhance revision progress by learning key points.

Consolidate subject knowledge with your preferred language.


Online tuition

(during term time)

Obtain addition guidance when struggling to understand in school.

Gain full understanding of subject knowledge without the time constraint in big classes.

How online tutorial

Mr. Tony Leung provides the LIVE tutorial by MIRO online classroom and ZOOM.


Only 1 time download required, typically takes a few second and user friendly.


Classroom access remain available until graduation. Review all or parts of every lesson anytime as you like.

Learning system are fully supported by personal computer, iOS system, and Android system.

Ideal learner
for online tutorial:

Online tutoring is the ideal solution for today’s students trying to balance their busy schedules with the need for personalized learning right at their fingertips. 

A study by the U.S. Department of Education on the effectiveness of online learning showed that students who combined online and face-to-face elements to their education learned better than those who only learned face-to-face.

Offer for
online learner:

Learn Anywhere, Anytime. 
Forget about factoring in commute time. Mr. Tony Leung Online Tutorial offers you much needed flexibility to balance your schedule with the need for superior one-on-one academic help right in your home. All you need is a computer with video capability and internet connection to start. With features such as live audio and video streaming, chat, and numerous editing and writing tools, you’ll be immersed in a fully interactive learning experience.

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